About Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors

SNAPPI is recognized in the Southern Nevada area as the leader in ensuring not just competence, but outstanding performance (Setting A Higher Standard) for the Inspection Industry. SNAPPI was established in 1998 as a voluntary, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of the Las Vegas Home-Buying, Home-Selling, and Home Owning public. That mission has not changed even though our service area has! First and foremost, we watch out for you and your needs be it a single condo unit or commercial shopping center complex. We are here to serve you! SNAPPI members have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the desert climate and the construction methods and materials used in our local homes and buildings. This familiarity is vital to be able to understand how a building reacts to the environment over time and what to expect from it well into the future. We are quite simply, The Best at what we do!